SEO Tips and Tricks for 2020

There are a lot of SEO techniques but do you ever wonder what is the right one? For some, it’s all about keyword stuffing but that’s not a thing anymore. SEO is more than keywords and meta descriptions, so, here are the top 10 SEO tips and tricks you can do for 2020:  
Create unique and relevant content CONSISTENTLY

Creating engaging content is key, yet consistency is vital.  Having a unique content affects the freshness score and search rankings of your page. Thus, in this day and age, it’s a must to create blog posts regularly. 

Create Content For Humans

The old way of SEO is manipulating search engines by keyword stuffing. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to that and say hello to long-tail keywords. 

Incorporate long-tail keywords in your content that will drive your users to purchase, subscribe and become loyal fans of your product or service. 

In this way, you will enhance user experience and at the same time, you build your credibility with your audience. 

Link Content To Other Websites

Others do not believe in linking your original content to other websites, since it takes people off your site. 

But notably it is vital to your SEO strategy as it will be useful to your web users.

Additionally, sending links out gains trackable traffic that makes your site become a more valuable resource. Vice versa, it gives you an opportunity to gain inbound links.

Encourage Other Websites to Link to You

Inbound links are the life of search engine rankings. Content marketing refers to creating high-quality, engaging content which results in the need for people to link and share content on social media. In that way, developing useful content that links to credible content will ultimately result in people linking to you naturally.

Improve Page Speed

Page speed is a fundamental SEO factor. 

A slow page can disappoint user experience. It discourages users from buying your product. 

In a study by Strange loop, a 1-second delay can lose you 7% conversions

For users, slow page speed is an unworthy website. 

Thus, you need to get rid of unnecessary widgets and plugins that you have installed and only put active widgets on the sidebar. 

Write Unique Meta Descriptions For Every Page

Meta description is the first description that will appear in the search engine results page. Hence, duplicate meta descriptions are a no-no in your SEO strategy. 

Thus, the importance of writing tailored-fit meta description for every page. 

Set Up Web Analytics

To track whether what’s working or not, web analytics tool is a good place to start.

Make sure you’ve got it all set up even before making landing pages or funnels.  

That’s when Google Search Console and Google Analytics comes in handy. They provide free web analytics. 

Use Readable URLs Only

To avoid getting search engines confused, avoid special characters or numbers on the URL and should only be 2 to 4 words long. 

Use Keywords In Images

Images are vital in search engine optimization. Google has a page for images and that’s why the search engine gives importance to images. Thus, it’s best to use the right keywords in images with text captions. 

Build Momentum With Social Signals

Social media is an important part of SEO strategy. 

Create relevant content that is share-worthy across social media platforms, encourage add share buttons to your post and make it visible, host social media contest to get more shares, encourage other people to share. 

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